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Divorce Resources

Are you or someone you know going through divorce? You’re not alone!
Our team of divorce professionals is here to help you before, during and after your divorce.

Welcome to Vesta: Redefining Divorce

The Vesta team approach, with its trusted, multi-skilled network, will give you the education and support to navigate your divorce and post-divorce life with courage and dignity. You will move through the process more smoothly, with greater knowledge, confidence and peace of mind.
Educate. Connect. Empower.
We educate you to empower youthrough workshops, resource nights and retreats led by accomplished professionals purposefully sought for their proven skills, trust and relevant experience in the divorce niche.
We teach you about the finer points of the process from law and finance to wellness, coping and parenting so you can understand the impact of divorce both now and in your future.
We give you the tools necessary to evolve into a knowledgeable, dynamic decision-maker who’s able to make informed decisionsand not emotionally-driven decisions.

Vesta Events

Vesta provides a variety of educational, empowering and connecting opportunities to help you at any stage of the divorce process. We continue to build a community that embraces the challenges of divorce through events, such as:

  • Divorce Retreats
  • Divorce Resource Nights
  • Divorce Workshops
  • Divorce Boot Camps
  • Social Events

We’re here to help before, during and after your divorce.

Vesta is a hidden gem. There are many reasons to attend – from the wealth of very valuable information I didn’t even know was necessary for a divorce, the connection with the professionals that will be needed in the process of a successful divorce, the connection with other people going through similar situations, and understanding the complex feeling of this very painful, difficult, and extremely complicated process. Attending Vesta not only great benefited me, but also my children and my spouse.

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